RuneScape is a popular game that uses RuneScape gold as its currency. As a player, you can sell or buy gold for the game. You can buy cheap rs gold safely from trustworthy sites at no additional costs. Also, this game has different levels of players ranging from beginners to advanced. The experienced players quickly make more money due to their skills. Non-experienced players take time to make money as they lack the necessary skills, but they can improve with time. Some simple ways to make money are mini-games and taking part in quests. This extract shows other ways of making money is RuneScape game

How to make money in the RuneScape game

Proper skills make this process quite easy for all. A beginner can learn the skills with time and make more as time goes by. The gold puts you in a better position in the game and gives you additional benefits. The four money making ways are;

1. RuneScape game mining

It’s the simplest method of earning gold. It’s a good activity for both beginners and experienced members but what they mine varies. Those at the starting level make money by mining iron ore or coal and still gain experience in the process. The advanced members mine mithril and adamant ore to earn money, but there are other materials to mine too. The advantage of RuneScape is that non-members can also participate in their mining areas are limited. Each player must mine really fast and take a very short time since the materials tend to respawn slowly.

2. Woodcutting method

It is used mainly by non-members to earn money and gain experience. As the name suggests, the player cuts trees and logs that sell at different prices. Logs and trees that come out regular go for more money than the irregular ones. So, to earn more, you have to learn the art of cutting as required. As you proceed to upper game levels, you get the magic logs which bring extra benefits. You can access elder trees and cut them at even higher levels, making more money in an hour than any other tree.

3. RuneScape game fishing

A player is required to catch fish and sell them at a profit. Those with multiple skills easily make money by combining all of them. For example, after catching the fish, you sell it raw, but you can cook and earn more if you have the cooking experience. Members fish and catch different fish from those of non-members. Also, members fish more than the rest as non-member only fish for lobsters and swordfish at the Karamja.

4. The smithing method

It’s the most challenging way to make money in the RuneScape game. You melt the ore in a furnace to create bars that are later sold. Members earn from that as well as bonuses. Its time consuming and needs so much effort to earn the gold.


Skill development is the primary way to make more money through the listed methods. The better you are at something, the more gold you get. These earning methods accommodate all players, whether they are members or not. RuneScape has levels, so you play and earn at your particular level.


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