There are many businesses and lines of work where you or your employees might need to use the right scanner for reading and working on documents. There are various kinds of scanners and document readers available nowadays. Passport scanners are widely used in places where it is necessary to scan official identification documents as well as other related documents. Businesses and places like hotels, airports, transportation, and government offices are a few places that use a hotel passport scanner. Contrary to their name, they can also be used to scan other documents and images, but up to a certain dimension. So, identity cards, driving licenses, and such are also usually supported.

Check out a few of the best passport scanners you can get for your hotel reception to streamline the check-in process for your customers.

Passport Scanner Models You Can Consider Buying

One of the best places to get passport scanners for your business is Lintechtt. The passport scanners made by them are reliable and a great choice for most places. Here are a few passport scanners that you can try. They will surely impress you with their efficiency and features.

1. APR5300

The APR5300 range of passport readers comes with a 5.0MP CMOS chip to read and decode passports and data in other identity documents. It is perfect for reading passports, visas, insurance cards, driving licenses, and other travel documents. It is very cost-effective for businesses and is surely worth a try!

2. KR530

The KR530 is a kiosk embed-type passport reader with a 5.0 MP camera for reading various documents. It works with physical passports, e-passports, visas, and other similar ID cards. It offers OCR processing and is also able to read 1D and 2D barcodes as well as RFID codes. It is a great choice for border control, immigration services, hotels, tourist agencies, and such.

3. EPR5100i

The EPR5100i is a multi-functional passport scanner cum reader that comes with a 3.0 MP camera. Besides physical passports, it can also read other documents like e-passports, VISAs, and different kinds of ID cards. It is a full-page passport reader and can be used in a variety of industries like in airports, hotels, train stations, and country boundaries which facilitate traveling. It can extract printed data from pages as well as digital data from a variety of contactless and digital ID documents.

Where To Buy- Lintechtt

It might not be very difficult to get hold of a passport scanner. However, the most reliable and affordable passport scanners from Lintechtt might be a good choice for you and your organization. Further, the various models come with different functionalities and features which cater to people and companies dealing with different types of clients.

The passport scanners from Lintechtt are cost-efficient and extremely handy for reading different kinds of documents and images. Besides passports, they can read documents like ID cards, VISAs, driving licenses, and such. Check out the different passport scanners at Lintechtt and you will surely find one that suits your company’s needs and requirements.


Using a good passport scanner becomes a necessity when you are working with international tourists and also in other places which require identity verification. Though you might find several sellers and distributors, finding a reliable and efficient machine might become difficult for you. However, Lintechtt helps you with dependable passport scanners. Once you use Lintechtt’s passport scanners, you will surely be satisfied and happy!


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