LED technology is one of the most game-changing technologies ever to exist. It is commonly used in electrical lighting. However, many electronic devices, like computers, televisions, remote controls, flashlights, and traffic lights, also use LED technology. For instance, laptops and phones use an LED power supply for charging. This post discusses the top LED power supply basics.

Important LED power supply basics

There are numerous things you should know about these products. However, some of these things are too complex for non-experts to understand. Regardless, as a consumer or an interested party, below are some LED power supply basics everyone should know;

What is an LED power supply?

This is arguably one of the most commonly asked questions about these products. Unfortunately, while many people use these products for general purposes, most do not define LED power supplies properly. The first step to understanding other basic facts about LED power supplies is knowing what they are. An LED power supply is a device used to provide the electricity needed to power a laptop.

What are the functions of an LED power supply?

Power supplies can be used for various purposes. However, the most common use is charging laptops. The devices allow you to continue using your laptop after depleting its charge. Therefore, a power supply works as an alternative for laptop battery chargers. With a laptop battery charger, you will have to swap out the battery when charging. Therefore, you need two batteries to use one while the other is charging. However, LED power supplies eliminate this inconvenience. They allow you to plug in and charge your laptop from anywhere.

It is worth mentioning that there are other functions of LED power supplies apart from charging laptops. The overall function of a power supply is to provide the right amount of electrical current to electronics. This ensures that they work perfectly, do not fail, get damaged, or overheat. They are also commonly used for charging phones.

What are the components of an LED Power supply?

Power supplies are made up of several components. However, most of these components are technical. An LED power supply features two primary components;

a.       The AC power adapter

This part connects to an electrical outlet. Its role is to allow you to charge your devices from an electrical outlet. In addition, this component hosts several other technical parts of a power supply.

b.      The wires

An LED power supply also features multiple wires. One wire connects the AC power adapter to the electrical outlet. Another wire connects to the laptop.

How to pick an LED power supply?

This list of LED power supply basics would be incomplete without mentioning some tips for choosing them. Below are some mandatory factors to consider when choosing an LED power supply;

  • The level of power consumption of the device for which you need the product
  • The voltage of your power supply compared to the recommended voltage for your application


Many people still confuse power supplies with power sources, even with the information above. Remember that a power supply is not a power source. Instead, it functions as a converter of electricity from a power source, like an electrical outlet, generator, or battery.


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