If you already need corrective eyewear, you know the pain of trying to wear 3D glasses on top of them. There’s the same problem with virtual reality goggles. Trying to wear a VR headset over your glasses is uncomfortable and can cause further complications.

If you are like others and find it annoying to deal with two sets of lenses that can get scratched, smudged, or steamy while playing on your preferred VR headset, you’ll understand how frustrating this can be.

Custom-made meta prescription lenses and headset adapters may solve your problems. We’ve put together all the information you need to upgrade your headset with as little work as possible on your part.

What are Prescription VR Glasses?

If you have trouble seeing, you need prescription glasses for your VR headset to play VR games comfortably. There is no need to change lenses.

If you have short-sightedness and wear glasses often, these lenses can help you cut out the middleman. After installing this update, you won’t have to worry about your VR headgear going over your glasses. As a result, your gaming time will be a hassle- and discomfort-free.

Most modern VR headsets have enough room for glasses or a spacing system to be comfortable, but the experience varies.

Wearing glasses under a VR headset often causes smudges on the headset’s lenses and problems with the lenses fogging up.

Why are Prescription Lens Adapters Necessary?

By doing a quick search on the internet, you can find several sites where people complain about scratches on their lenses. Standard lenses are frequently easy to damage and difficult to repair.

An eyewear store previously informed us that if a customer managed to scratch the lenses on the first Vive, they could send them in for repair, which would cost you about $52 and cover the shipping costs to get the headset repaired and returned. This upgrade can be a good choice if you prefer to avoid expenditures like these.

If you have to move the headset or your glasses a lot to find a comfortable position, you are more likely to scratch your glasses when you wear them under a headset. It’s too easy to nick and damage the lenses if you’re wearing the headset tightly on your face.

How Do Prescription VR Lenses Function?

You can get prescription lenses for your VR headsets online and even on the traditional optical clinics.

This is a fantastic option, particularly if you purchase the adapters in advance to avoid damaging the original lenses. There is no chance of scratching the originals because they sit over the top and are slightly elevated above conventional lenses.

Then, these lens adapters only serve as a replacement for your existing eyewear, requiring that you take off your glasses and put on the headset before beginning a game session. Fit and comfort issues are no longer a problem. The adapters eliminate the possibility of your eyewear hurting or scratching the original lenses, which is an added benefit.


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